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Guitar Outdoors has partnered with Outdoor Solutions to host shooting schools for people of all experience levels to help improve accuracy. Our range offers targets ranging from 250 – 1000 yards to accommodate all levels of marksman.
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Shooting School

After spending hard earned money, for a Western Big Game hunt, the last thing you want is to have a trophy of a lifetime walk away because you were not comfortable with the shot, or worse yet, taking the shot and ending up with a wounded animal.

Our long range classes not only reconfirm shooting basics but teach the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques at extended distances in various shooting positions. More importantly our long range class exposes a shooter’s limitations and the limitations of his or her equipment in the field where it counts, in turn making them a more confident and ethical hunter.

Day of Arrival

Students should plan on arriving to the lodge around 2pm, this will give you time to check in to your room and prepare for the curriculum starting at 3pm. We will break at 6pm for dinner then complete the review after dinner. Please keep in mind this is your only formal class room time. We believe in keeping you on the range, learning from doing and not from lecturing.

Day 1

(Not complete curriculum and subject to change)

  • Breakfast 7:00am (Both Days)
  • Range by 8:00am (Both Days)
  • Basic equipment set up
  • Basic shooting techniques and zeroing for 100 and 200 yards
  • Effects of wind, temp and air density
  • Reading wind and mirage
  • Shooter spotter dialogue
  • Spotting Trace
  • Seated Bench Shooting
  • Positional and shooting from sticks

Day 2

(Not complete curriculum and subject to change)

  • Field application of learned skills (Hunting Scenarios)
  • Targets unknown distances
  • Each station is different distance and shooting position
  • Each team will determine range, elevation dial and wind hold
  • Ballistic app use
  • Zeroing students personal rifle (if using)
  • Building range card for personal rifle.
  • Shooting competitions