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One of the most unique hunting experiences in the United States is hunting free range and fair chase mule deer in Texas. We are blessed to have over 14,000 acres which are home to high quality mule deer. Come hunt the canyons of Texas for trophy mule deer!

Guitar Mule Deer Rifle & Bow Hunting

We offer mule deer hunts on our ranch near Spur, Texas, in Dickens County. The ranch is situated on the caprock escarpments in northwest Texas and is often regarded as our most picturesque ranch in our holdings. The terrain of the Spur Ranch varies from high vistas, draws, canyons, mesquite flats, and rolling grassland. As with our whitetail deer, we have implemented a year-round supplemental feeding program designed specifically for the ranch and the mule deer.

Hunt includes:

  • A chance for 1 mature buck (trophy fees apply)
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • A chance for two meat hogs and predators
  • Two hunters per guide

Pricing Details: 4 day / 5 night hunt - $4,250 per person

Trophy Fees:

  • Anything over 170 in. - $3,250
  • 10 pt or better - $2,250
  • 8 – 9 pt - $1,800
  • 7 pt or less - $750 (If it’s over 125 in., a $1,000 kill fee will be applied)