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The experience of hunting quail in the Texas brush is hard to explain but loved by many. There’s not much better than flushing a covey with a good dog and great friends. At Guitar Outdoors, we have a long history of serving quail hunters. From the moment you arrive at the ranch you and your guests will be treated to one of the best quail hunting experiences in Texas.

Quail Hunting

We hunt 100% wild bobwhite and scaled (blue) quail at Guitar Outdoors. Our knowledgeable hunting guides and skilled bird dogs will ensure you experience the sport of hunting at its finest. Our guides are professional and personable sportsmen, as well as gifted dog handlers. Our determined bird dogs immerse themselves in the hunt and will eagerly work at your side doing what they love to ensure you a successful and memorable hunting trip. Guitar Outdoors manages over 45,000 acres of prime quail habitat in Northwest Texas.

 Pricing Details:

  • $1,300 per person/day (arrive night before)
  • 2 Day Hunt - $2,600 per person
  • 3 Day - $3,900 per person

Hunt Includes:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Hunt with dogs
  • Two person minimum
  • Arrive night before, hunt 2 full days (or 3 full days), leave after breakfast final morning
  • Chance for legal state limit - 10 bird per day limit